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Ms. Elaine
Lau Yim Ling
Director, Brokerage Department

Ms. Lau is focusing on developing commodity futures business and a variety of financial services. She also invests plenty of time on training staff because she recognizes that a well trained investment consultant team is of utmost importance for the ever growing of the Company.

Ms. Lau has joined the Group since 1990. Over these past 21 years, she spared time on learning new ideas and attained two Master Degree respectively from Newport University, USA and the University of South Australia. She is now studying a Doctoral Degree in Huaqiao University, China. She had been invited by the Hong Kong ET Business College as the guest lecturer for teaching commodity and options. Her essay or writing can always be found on the popular financial magazine or newspaper.

Mr. John Lee
Managing Director of
China Business Division

Mr. Lee is an accomplished Senior Professional with over 10 years experience in various industries in different countries, specializing in business operations, strategy creation, sales and marketing and technology development. He possesses 10 years of proven financial service expertise for China based companies with solid knowledge of industries and China expertise. He has strong interpersonal network of enterprise and capital market in USA, Mainland China, Hong Kong and Singapore and owns an MBA degree of University of Chicago and Bachelor degree of Computer Science and Engineering.

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